About Us

The places where people live, work and have fun – We design them.

We solve puzzles on how to make our community better. Happier. We share a language of site plans, drainage, grading, permits and native plants that might seem mundane, but to us it unlocks possibilities– a chance to positively carve out the landscape of where we live.

We are a collaborative, diverse group of civil engineers, planners, landscape architects and surveyors who bring to the table different backgrounds and perspectives. But we share the same passion: Build better communities through innovative design and service our clients impeccably.

ZNS Engineering is an industry-leading land consulting firm that provides client-focused management for projects of any size. As the largest and oldest locally owned engineering firm in Manatee County, we excel with offering a convenient and efficient full package of services including civil engineering, planning, surveying, landscape architecture and construction management across multiple counties in Tampa Bay. Our long, rooted history makes us the best source of local insights and trends and tight connections with local agencies.


We Advocate for Our Clients


Our 42 team members all have a drive to positively impact where people live and serve our clients from each project’s inception through the completion of construction. Since 1976, we have earned a reputation of effectively understanding our clients’ needs, applying the best methods to meet their goals and then sharpening our focus further until the job is finished. We stand out in our field because we not only offer industry expertise, but we also take extra steps to advocate and construct solutions for our clients.

40 Years of Experience

Our portfolio features four decades of diverse experience, ranging from numerous residential, commercial and industrial developments to public sector projects, including educational facilities, correctional institutions, recreational facilities and utility projects. Many of our projects stream from previous clients or result from client or governmental agency referrals.

Fluent in local and state rules and regulations, we take pride in the close, excellent relationships we have grown with all of the required approving agencies. After helping several of these agencies actually develop regulations, we have gained intimate knowledge of their purpose and interpretation.

The bottom line is we love what we do. We are good at what we do. Like well-oiled gears working together, we come to work each day as team players on every, single project. We’re accurate and efficient , but also fun and creative.

We provide client-focused management
for projects of any size

Building better communities through innovative design
while we service our clients impeccably

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